How to organize your Financials

Case Study: US Citizen

US national in posession a legitimate credentials, driver’s licence, now-expired U.S.A. passport.
I’ve filed taxes severally, have registered cars at multiple addresses, however don’t own a house.
A couple dashing tickets spaced out by a number of years and that i was once in remission for not re-registering my automotive.
1 home desktop
1 automaton phone
1 work-owned portable computer that i typically login to google or bank accounts from, however over my home network
1 2-drawer lockup filing cupboard
tax, health, employment paper records that i havent scanned. no fancy scanner nevertheless, however its coming back.
1 lockup fire-proof box
contains birth certainty, diplomas, emergency money, backup access codes to my google, written style of my 1-password coding pass, a flash drive with all my 1-password knowledge for monetary accounts etc thereon, car title. And, strangely enough, one physical image of American state with each of my serious exes. I appear to accumulate one of those per relationship and so ne’er bring myself to throw em out. on the Q.T. sensitive or serial killer? you choose
main gmail google account with 2-factor auth, backup codes, associated phone #, protected by a second google account. this can be the e-mail i exploit to come with bank accounts, skilled (outside of my company email address) and private correspondence, craigslisting, net geological dating, language up for on-line services & different websites, etc.
facebook account with stupid shit i say, some personal details and photos, and my phone # & google email connected to the account, and a weak arcanum
home network controlled by American state with WPA2, custom arcanum, have a separate wireless network for guests w/ a unique PW and that i do not broadcast mine. sadly this router is sourced (hardwired) from a router owned by the house owner, United Nations agency keeps a “default” WiFi going with a WEP arcanum. I suppose i may raise her to alter it on behalf of me on the other hand I become unit technical school support guy.
antivirus: malwarebytes, microsoft security necessities
dropbox with most security measures (2 issue auth, connected devices, and connected apps) put in on work laptop, desktop, and automaton
1Password that syncs to dropbox put in on Desktop and automaton that stores all of my passwords to any or all ACCOUNTS and scans of my drivers license, birth cert, passport in AN encrypted file synced on dropbox
YNAB that contains my budget (not therefore compromising) put in on desktop & automaton, synced to dropbox
Excel computer program files for all of my custom monetary work hold on on dropbox
Cell phone – account through sprint in my name, however is tied to a family set up that’s additionally in my Dads name. He gets the bills and that i pay him in camera for my share, however I even have body access to the entire account. we’ve a sweet grandfathered business set up for the entire family.
windows seven with a secure arcanum and that i really lock my laptop once not in use
a rented area in a very house with four roommates. I will lock my area. they’re pretty good however there’s typically some unsavory characters allowed within the house (an “old friend” United Nations agency scarf her shit for dope cash could be a smart example)
$1000 money hidden in my automotive, that has AN alarm and a LoJack
$1000 money within my fireproof box, hidden beneath the bed, behind different storage
no firearm… once I do i’ll additionally get my ccw allow and a way of keeping it safe.
Accounts: ALL of those square measure hold on & encrypted in a very 1Password file synced to dropbox and accessible on my desktop :

automaton device.
PayPal – bank account (debit card)
Bank of America – savings, mastercard, checking
Online bank account
Vanguard – IRA
Company 401k major supplier
Company HSA defender
Auto loan (major bank)
Student Loan one (federal – major lender)
Student Loan a pair of (private – major bank)
Student Loan three (federal – major lender)
online FedEx, UPS, USPS management
cable, electric, public-service corporation accounts that have ACH access and auto-pay
blizzard, steam, each company i’ve ever bought one thing from on line, each forum i’ve joined, auto, life, and insurance, web site that will my taxes.
Personal Finance Tools tracks all my accounts in real time. i actually simply use it as a dashboard to look at all my account’s balance updated promptly, although concerning 2-3x a year i tend to travel through it traditionally and appearance at my discretionary outlay trends to check if i would like to alter something, and shut down any dangerous records that weren’t captured properly. I accustomed use mint additional however born it in favor of BUDGETING exploitation YNAB and custom spreadsheets.
YNAB four i exploit YNAB however i would not say i am a convert. I still keep my budget updated by adaptive every month. it is a great way to “check my work” and make certain all my accounts square measure balanced however on the day-after-day I work with a custom computer program and solely use YNAB as a secondary thanks to make certain my numbers square measure right.
Microsoft stand out I even have a custom computer program that i exploit to balance my chequebook for day to day outlay, therefore to talk – i exploit this to input my daily expenditures of cash and set my budget. I additionally use this to stay track of my internet value, do any investment calculations or projections, break down my bank check and expenses, tax calculations, keep track of account & loan values, then forth. Like I aforesaid, YNAB is okay, however I learned additional from creating one myself. I fancy the larger flexibility and writing calculators whenever i want to work one thing out. I additionally use it for non-finance functions like work my exercise progress, meal coming up with, and following grocery costs around city.
dropbox you want to be obtaining the thought of however central this can be to my system. it syncs all my files, keeps them protected, and lets American state access them anyplace.
1Password additionally key for serving to American state log in to any or all my accounts and truly manage everything electronically. while not this i’d most likely have a plaintext file of all my logins that i write in code with another tool.
get an honest document scanner and go all paperless. i simply cant abdomen the $300 for an honest quality scanner and OCR / deposit package while not having tried it initial, and a office furniture price $6 at goodwill and is not THAT abundant of a pocket bread to maneuver around… any recommendations?
fix my fb arcanum…
get a true safe once i ditch the office furniture
pistol follow and find a carry allow and alittle self defense weapon.
add renters insurance. i am reasonably a pudding head for not having this within the hood. most of my belongs arent such a lot MONETARILY valuable as they’re simply a pocket bread if I lost them. i am additional or less self-insured for my laptop.
get a brand new physical HDD and copy my knowledge thereto sporadically. I bank primarily on dropbox and exploitation my telephone as this. once i buy scanned archives of all my documents i’ll most likely would like extra space outside of dropbox and a necessity to back them up.
um…. a house of my very own followed by a concrete bunker?

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